As time goes on there are a few things I know.  Taxes will rise.  Every Texas summer will be the hottest summer yet.  And beauty is not defined by age.

I believe that.  While my body was better at 20, I look at photos of my 20-year-old self – the face, the eyes – and I see what is ahead of this determined young woman – and I’m glad to be on the other side of it.

I much prefer my face today.  Every line has been earned and is the reward of coming through.  Continuing.  Persevering. Growing.  Learning.  Learning.  Learning.

Somewhere along the way our culture defined beauty as a girl.  Let me say that again – a girl. And while there is beauty in youth, womanhood is the stuff of deep inner knowing.  Why would you want to be a girl?  Why would anyone want to be with a girl?   Not a woman…a girl? 

Being a girl was fun. It was also difficult and confusing.

Womanhood is empowering.  It is liberating.  It is freeing.

There was a time where aging consumed my thoughts.  Aging issues I called them.  But as I progressed through life – and earned, yes earned, more lines on my body I’m glad to be where I am today.  Ageless in my heart + soul.

When people say you’ve changed over the years – I think “Hallelujah”.  I don’t want to be my 25-year-old self today.  I WANT the years I’ve earned.  Every lesson.  Every skill obtained.  Every loss.  Every gain.

In full disclosure, I am a BIG fan of skin products.  I walk my dogs in a large hat with large sunshades and color my hair like clockwork.  And yes, there should be more cardio and movement in my life.

But aging doesn’t consume me anymore.  My face is my face.  My body is my body.  They are home.  They are confident.  They are what allows me to move through life.  But they do not define me any longer.

It is freeing to see many women around me in the same frame of mind.  Embracing their ageless beauty.

I salute every glorious line, freckle, age spot and shape about you. 

I see you – and you are an ageless beauty. 

Look in the mirror – AND SAY OUT LOUD – I AM beautiful, I AM enough, I AM grateful.

Keep Thriving!

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