Living Deep Down

Rediscover Yourself, Live Your Purpose & Share Your Impact With the World!

If you're a woman who's yearning to drop the shoulds, discover your unique and joyful life path, and begin to make a difference in the world, then join me for this amazing Oahu adventure that will send you deep into the ocean of your true potential and beyond!

Get connected…

FUN & no nonsense mindset group activities to get clear on what you deeply want and tap into your purpose

Get tools to further your personal path life experience with a busy lifestyle!

Take much deserved personal time to DEEPEN what you’ve learned for the day on Oahu’s North Shore

Gain lifelong friendships with like minded women

Receive first hand experience of a lifetime helping the ocean and the planet

Ready to invest in YOU? Keep reading!

photo by Juan Sharks

Be a change maker…

If your concerned about what’s happening to the planet and are ready to be part of the solution then this retreat is for you!

We’re teaming up with One Ocean diving team of world leading shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey. Led by trained marine biologist who study sharks without a cage – you’ll snorkel with sharks in the wild and learn how to help improve their habitat and reduce loss of numbers.  Why?  Because sharks are critical to the ocean’s health – which means they are critical to us!

Get crystal clear on what’s happening in the ocean’s deep down with a beach clean-upYou’ll take home the experience, tips and products to use at home.  You can help change the fate of our oceans!

What is Living Deep Down?

Living Deep Down is your life’s EXPERIENCE…getting in touch with that place deep down where you know what you must do. That place where you can shed the Should-do’s of your life!

Imagine an energetic and playful environment where you get clear on what you desire in life and how to keep that soul-space and the busy and demanding life!

Get closer to nature and learn first hand how YOU can make a difference for our oceans, our earth’s health and creatures – right from your home!

ALIGN with your soul’s path – and get connected to yourself, those you love and the planet

Get reaquainted with YOU…

Feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are because you’re pulled in so many directions.  Meet yourself!  Seriously, you’ll strengthen your inner listening muscles and learn how to set boundaries that work for you.

You can be joyful and balanced with a busy life!  You’ll come away from this week with new habits and techniques to thrive and move through the ups and downs of life!

 World Oceans Day

Tired of reading about what’s happening to the oceans and not sure what to do?  So am I!  We’ll lead a beach clean-up on Oahu’s North Shore seeing first hand what garbage is washing ashore and impacting ocean life.

Afterward – we’ll create a way you can make a difference from home – while still in the busy life.  Maybe even become a local advocate for how easy it is for others to do the same!

Share a deeply personal experience

Joining like minded women ready to make an impact in their life and to others! 

Forge new relationships built on vulnerable sharing, listening and authentic living.

I want the experience, content + FUN!

Imagine a Wednesday where…

You wake to the meditating rhythm of ocean waves and the salty scent of trade winds gently welcoming you from afar.

Join like minded women for sunrise meditation followed by gentle yoga feeling enlivened by the warm sun!   Stop for a fresh breakfast with fruit so fresh you never knew pineapple could taste this way.

Then dive in to group activities exploring your unique life’s path and meaning with a full afternoon open for adventure of surfing, hiking, a massage or your own exploration of the island!  End the night with a Mai Tai at the beach as the sun sets on the ocean.  And you’re just getting started!

What does this retreat offer?

  • FUN & no nonsense mindset group activities to get clear on what you deeply want and tap into your purpose

  • Practiced tools to further your personal path life experience with a busy lifestyle

  • Personal time to DEEPEN what you’ve learned for the day on Oahu’s North Shore

  • First hand experience of a lifetime helping the ocean and the planet on World Oceans Day
  • Snorkeling with sharks led by One Ocean dive team the vision of world leading shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey! Learn why sharks are so critical to the ocean’s health
  • Take home tips and products to make an immediate positive impact to the planet
  • Ocean-side meditation
  • Gentle yoga customized for deep connection
  • Unique adventures at Turtle Bay Resort
  • An investment in YOU!

Our digs at Turtle Bay Resort offer an amazing line up of adventures!

  • Get in touch with your Hawaiian spirit and go outrigger canoeing on a guided tour as you spot the honu (Hawaiian sea turtles), tropical fish and brilliant coral
  • Learn to surf on world famous North Shore waves!
  • Kayaking to the inaccessible at Kawela Bay
  • Snorkeling and Beaches!
  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board for the first time or test your skills on the North Shore’s famous waves
  • Discounts on spa treatments
  • Horseback riding on oceanfront trails leading to Kawela Bay
  • Bike on professionally developed bike trails journeying through tropical vegetation, breathtaking banyan trees and ocean-side views
  • Segway Tours on a 5-mile trail along the coastline
  • Helicopter tours on-site!
  • And MORE

You had me at ‘North Shore’!

Made famous for surfing big waves, the North Shore offers many local beaches to try your hand at surfing!  A relaxed atmosphere everywhere you turn makes a great opportunity to check out savory dishes at local food trucks, drop into local farmers market with the freshest fruit, or browse local mom-and-pop or swim & surf shops with a no rush attitude.

Situated on the very northern tip of Oahu, Hawaii the North Shore offers spectacular ocean-side sunrise and sunsets.

Spend an afternoon at Hawaii’s Polynesian Cultural Center for a once in a lifetime experience.  Rental cars are available on-site at Turtle Bay Resort if you want to live like a local for the afternoon or for driving anywhere else on the island of Oahu!  You can’t go wrong!

Meet your retreat leader!

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve worked in technology for over 20 years and I totally understand being overworked, unhappy and not having a clue how to actually thrive. Along my journey of teaching yoga, traveling the world and connecting with others for work, and my final step toward ‘doing the work’ on myself, I was finally able to keep that busy life while feeling balanced, joyful and more deeply connected to myself and those I love than ever before.

Tired of hearing health coaches tell people to leave that ‘soul sucking’ job – I created Thrive Mindfully – out of my passion to show others you CAN thrive and have a busy life. Now I help others create their OWN mindful and deep conscious lifestyle, helping women reduce stress and find time to reconnect with their deeper meaning and thrive mindfully.

The latest addition to my own mindful lifestyle journey is Your Purpose + Our Planet retreats combining all aspects of connection – to YOURSELF, meaningful connection with others and reconnecting to the wonders of the earth and our place on the planet.

Each retreat brings us directly to each of these critical experiences of connection and provides a way to learn what you can do today to help the planet while giving back.

With many years experience leading unique yoga & meditation events, mentoring women for mindful lifestyle techniques that WORK and 10+ years experience in conscious living disciplines – you won’t want to miss this retreat!  I have some real treats planned just for you!

Learn more about Sunnye or contact her with questions at info@sunnyegoldston.com.

Have questions?  Let’s get them answered!

Is this retreat for me?

If you feel like life is passing you by and you’re frustrated with how to possibly get more time for you with a busy life of family and career – this retreat was built for you!

If you’re stressed over what’s happening to the planet and at a loss as to what can be done – you do not want to miss this!

If you are ready to take your mindful practice to the next level – yep, this retreat is for you!

Ready to fully connect and get aligned with your life’s path?  Can’t wait to see you there!!!


What's the itinerary?

You’ll receive the full event schedule, list of epic activities, and extra off-site options a month before the event so you can plan how you best want to spend your time – or just show up and go with the flow. Up to you!

Jun-6: Aloha! Arrive and join our opening ceremony dinner kicking off our spectacular week together.  This is not to be missed!

Jun-7: Getting deep down right away with group activities & techniques we’ll start putting into practice 

Jun-8: Get Connected.  On World Oceans Day we’ll gather for a beach-clean up on Oahu’s North Shore

Jun-9: Shark snorkeling in the wild and meet with One Ocean diving team – experience how to help these creatures who live in our ocean’s deep down.

Jun-10: Going deeper! More group activities and group share around what change we’ve found so quickly and closing ceremony dinner!

Jun-11: Mahalo!  Breakfast and departures – or stay later!  Discount nights are offered for retreat attendees.  

What's included in my registration?

Registration includes a 6-night stay at renowned Turtle Bay Resort, opening and closing night dinner group ceremonies and breakfast and lunch during the weekTravel from Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay Resort is available based on arrival and departure times.  Stay also includes spa and horseback riding discounts offered to retreat attendees and full room amenities.  Shark snorkeling with Ocean Ramsey’s One Ocean dive team and other special treats you’ll not want to miss! 

Do I have to snorkel with sharks?

If you’re just not sure about free swimming with sharks you can join us in a ride along and participate from the boat!  Also, the most frequently asked question – it’s ok if you’re on your menstrual cycle.  You can still get in the water with the sharks 🙂

What's your cancellation policy?

After February 1st, 2020, any cancellation will result in a total loss of your $500 USD deposit. Any cancellation made between: February 1st, 2020 and March 31st, 2020 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: April 1st, 2020 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. Should you have to cancel your attendance, you must advise us at: info@sunnyegoldston.com and receive a written response back from Sunnye Goldston. 

We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so, your funds are refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options

Can you accomodate my dietary restriction?

If you have special dietary needs – the restaurants are happy to meet any needs, including but not limited to vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free and more!

Where do I fly into?

You’ll fly to Daniel K. Inouye/ Honolulu International Airport, Oahu (HNL) and take a ride to the North Shore.

I want transport from the airport to the hotel. Can you accommodate?

Yes!! We’d love to – no problem!

Prices depend on the number of folks traveling together. We are going to make sure that each “run” has as many folks in it as possible so that the price is as low for you as possible. Keep in mind these prices are for ONE WAY.

How can I get around the island on my free time?

You won’t likely find Uber or Lyft on the North Shore but you can book a rental car on-site at Turtle Bay Resort’s Enterprise car rental.  Let your hair down and take a drive along the coast living the local Hawaiian life! 

What do I pack?

I recommend you bring:
– Casual clothing (shorts, light-weight dresses, pants and tops)
– Swim suit
– Rash guard
– Comfortable sandals or water shoes
– Yoga/ workout clothing
– Sunglasses
– Reef safe sunscreen

You’ll recieve a full “Don’t forget me” list one month before the trip! 

Do I need a passport or visa?

If you are a US citizen only a drivers license or passport ID are needed for boarding.  If you’re a non-US citizen please check travel to the US requirements by country.

Charges & emails

You’ll see charges on your card or bank statement by Journey’s of the Spirit who support my retreats for payments and insurance so you have the best possible experience!

Still have more questions?

If you have any more questions please reach out to me, Sunnye Goldston, directly at sunnye@sunnyegoldston.com, for more information!  You WON’T be the first person to ask 🙂


"Sunnye has helped me create the habit of meditation.  And it was so simple!  I should have done this program sooner." - Laurie, Dallas

"I was able to come to terms with what was holding me back.  It was tough but rewarding and the program is so fun!  You don't know what's coming next." - Cindy, Chicago

"It was SO much more than I expected.  Wasn't sure how it was going to go...but I can say the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend!" - Randi, Boston

The only thing you have to lose is living the TRUE YOU...today

I'm ready to make someday - TODAY!

To invest in MYSELF – in MY PASSION – and MY PURPOSE