Thrive Mindfully available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.  Challenging ideas are discussed followed by a mindful meditation – all set to binaural beats to get the brain moved into an Alpha brain wave state.


Super Soul – I can’t recommend enough.  Get thyself to this podcast led by Oprah Winfrey.  On her true path in this podcast series.  You’ll be wowed!






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why being emotional is a good thing

why being emotional is a good thing

"You're so emotional" In truth, these are some trigger words for me where I took it to mean 'you're being dramatic' was hurled across the room aimed at making me do just that.  But was that the right take away?  As I began to focus more on taking my ego and immediate...

what if you could stop the clock?

what if you could stop the clock?

Today everyone is looking for time.  Under chairs and car seats, somewhere in their purse, or just out there floating around them but just out of reach. In fact, we spend so much time wanting and waiting for more time - flying through that mental to-do list to carve...

Relate, Retaliate or Embrace?

Relate, Retaliate or Embrace?

Picture This.  You and a close friend meet for lunch and you ask how she’s been.  She tells you about work, home, all the things she can’t get to…and then she says "Really, it’s all a struggle." Now, be honest.  What is your first reaction?  Is she depressed, should...


The book that got me started on this path!  It’s such a great read and I love that she struggled with it all hereself.  The author was a nun, then derobed, then athiest and yet theology major – and finally – a well rounded, marred person ready to serve. 

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

So really…ALL books by Brene Brown are recommended.  If you are just getting started and have lived a life in corporate america…start here.  You will feel it.  You will cry it.  You will be it.

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