Thrive Mindfully available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.  Challenging ideas are discussed followed by a mindful meditation – all set to binaural beats to get the brain moved into an Alpha brain wave state.


Super Soul – I can’t recommend enough.  Get thyself to this podcast led by Oprah Winfrey.  On her true path in this podcast series.  You’ll be wowed!






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the Unsettling of Big Shift

the Unsettling of Big Shift

Then we realize it's going to be even more work.  Time to start working on ourself.  Deliberate and with intention.  And we're glad - finally off to the races.  Great shift ahead! And then...the unsettling begins.  Yep.  Big shift means change.  And change is...

the Lessons of Marie Kondo

the Lessons of Marie Kondo

The cold months of winter spark a sense of decluttering in me each year.  Probably because I’m in the house puttering about and thinking what is all this stuff? I’ve also been on a journey of ‘right sizing’ my life and realizing memories are always with me and my...

It’s 2019…what will you become?

It’s 2019…what will you become?

I hold you in the light, and I wish you curiosity and confidence. And I wish you ethics and enlightenment. I wish you guts.  I wish you purpose and the passion that goes along with that purpose. Here and now I believe you have to declare war on one of our most...


The book that got me started on this path!  It’s such a great read and I love that she struggled with it all hereself.  The author was a nun, then derobed, then athiest and yet theology major – and finally – a well rounded, marred person ready to serve. 

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

So really…ALL books by Brene Brown are recommended.  If you are just getting started and have lived a life in corporate america…start here.  You will feel it.  You will cry it.  You will be it.

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