Connection is a word that continues to show up in my life at various times and so many ways.

As of today, it represents to me a tapping into the divine, into the soul and in this perhaps flash of a moment  we understand.

Perhaps that’s an odd thing to say.  But I’ve seen the power of connection – the literal power of touch – to peoples across the globe from wildly different histories, religions and ideology.  And in this space – we become the same. 

The power of making connections to things in our past which are now seen through a new lens – and we are released of our narrow beliefs.

Back the Beginning

What I’ve learned over time, is that this search for connection must begin with ourself.  The old sayings are actually true.  There is no way to embrace the breadth of connection without seeking that connection in us first.  

Because – all we know is the life we live. Quite literally.  All we know is our mind’s thoughts, the whispering of our soul and the rise and fall of our hearts.

To thrive is in short to go back to the beginning.  To be curious about ourself, ask WHY to the big questions, to be passionate about our inner knowing.

This doesn’t mean it’s simple or even easy.  The beginning is the hardest of all – to realize years of holding on to bad decisions or someone else’s plan of who we should be.   To coming face-to-face with our identity of ‘strong’ but having to completely redefine what strong means.  And knowing it’s way more difficult to be open, vulnerable – connected.

Be the change.

It makes me chuckle to hear that phrase.  It is true of course, but SUCH a challenge.  And we often get distracted by so many things to change we don’t know where to start.

That’s all a game of distraction.

It starts within you.  Noticing our reactions to people and WHY we have them.  Being brutally honest about our own insecurities and thoughts driving essentially all of our behaviors.  That we are not made to follow – we chose to follow.  Each moment…of each day.

To connect to yourself is a great adventure.  And through this path we connect to others and the universe in such a magical way.  In some ways I can’t even believe some of the words I use now.  But they are heartfelt and real and joyful.

When the inner vent session begins in your mind – stop and ask yourself WHY.  Can you see the person as being human – with real life issues and struggles?

Can you see the connection?

Keep Thriving!



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