Then we realize it’s going to be even more work.  Time to start working on ourself.  Deliberate and with intention.  And we’re glad – finally off to the races.  Great shift ahead!

And then…the unsettling begins.  Yep.  Big shift means change.  And change is unpredictable.  It sounds pretty obvious, but it’s something I wasn’t ready for.  Really, it had never occurred to me since it had taken so much focus and energy to finally start moving forward – or sideways – but finally moving.  I thought that was the biggest hurdle but it was only the beginning.

My shift meant my relationships to everything was going to have to be different.  Relationships to people, activities, things – so yeah, everything.  For me, it felt like I had break myself all the way down and from there I could build myself back up.  The breaking down was hard.  It means shedding your identity and then well, you know change, it’s unpredictable.  Our “Identity” is VERY predictable – which is why we hold on for so long – with no changing.

We think we have to change everything in a way that removes it from our life.  But we don’t.  We rather look at the thing anew – for what it is and build a new relationship.

This can and will take time.  It’s a path to rediscovery which can be exciting, or sad – but always with more fullness, more awareness.  We have to allow time for those in our life who matter most to adjust as well.  It is unsettling. We get used to the grooves in our lives even when they are not healthy. It is the predictable.

So when the move forward feels like steps back – maybe it is.  And that’s ok.  As long as we see it for what it is – and what is is to us.  From there we can create a new relationship – with a deep knowing.

Keep Thriving,

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