Start Small for Big Change

The mindful practice of ‘small steps for big change’ is an influential way to look at life.  We aren’t changing our lives in their entirety tomorrow, but small changes practiced over time have a big impact.

We can extend this practice well beyond how we think, respond and and interact in life to how we vote with each dollar we spend and action we take.   What intentions are behind our actions?  What do our actions demonstrate is important to us?

getting wasted

Our actions around waste are astounding.  Regardless of your thoughts on climate change – we cannot ignore the piles of plastic ending up in our ocean, plastic seeping into our water tables (yep…we ingest it) and our growing crisis around general waste disposal.

Let’s start with how much we throw away.  WASTE.

The largest amount of waste in the US is FOOD.

The sustenance of life. Not plastic, not glass, not metal – but FOOD. 

Think about your weekly routine of cleaning out the fridge and tossing, tossing, tossing.   Think about little bits of food here and there we simply throw out.  Think of whole containers of food we throw out.

In 22 food groups studied, food waste is comprised of 39% fruits/veggies, 17% dairy and 14% meat.  Imagine for a moment what would happen if we reduced our waste by half or even by a quarter.  MASSIVE change.

start small new habits

NEW HABIT: Take a mid-week grocery run just for produce!

If this sounds stressful to add another task on your list make it a short trip not a full grocery day. Just buy enough perishable foot (fruits, veggies, etc.) to last a few days and run to the store for the mid-week produce run.

NEW HABIT: Notice how much leftovers are wasted.  COMPOST. You can compost on the cheap.  There are small gallon pales up to small and medium sized compost bins.  You can find any number of containers online to meet your needs. 

NEW HABIT: Make it a family affair.  If there are kids, explain what you’re doing and why it’s important to help the planet.  You’ll find they are better at remembering than we are!

These are just a few quick, small habit changes that can make a big change.  Give yourself a break!  We just have to start somewhere.


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