Today everyone is looking for time. 

Under chairs and car seats, somewhere in their purse, or just out there floating around them but just out of reach.

In fact, we spend so much time wanting and waiting for more time – flying through that mental to-do list to carve out 5min here, 15min there – we would actually have more time if we would simply be present.  Moreover, much of our stress is caused by this desire for more time.

And then we have the fear of aging 

Of feeling old, achy (it is a thing) and looking beyond what is on the inside.  Looking like a version you don’t recognize.  A lot of money is spent in the Wellness industry for yoga classes, massage, facials, botox and any number of procedures, products and activities which purport turning back clock or at least slowing it down.

But what if YOU could stop time? 

What if the power to not age, to feel better, to have time is all in our head?  It’s a big question which hardly gets any notice because wouldn’t everyone already be doing it? 

Just reading a few of the many studies performed by Dr. Ellen Longer, ‘the mother of mindfulness’ – or mindlessness as she calls it – will get you to really considering the power of our intentions and thoughts.

In 1979, Dr. Langer conducted the Counterclockwise Study.  She had eight elderly men live in a retreat for one week which was recreated as 1959.  All the signs, television shows, news…you name it.  And during this time, the participants were required to only speak of things in 1959.  As if they were in the year itself.

The results were astonishing.  After one week – all eight participants showed marked improvements in health and overall well-being.  They even looked younger and walked younger to outside participants.  In certain cases diseases such as diabetes were heavily reduces or gone altogether.

After one week.

In Dr. Langer’s Chambermaid Study, she found 67% of chambermaids reported not getting exercise and more than one third reported none at all.  Dr. Langer found this perplexing considering they were gets more than the daily recommended amount and they did not seem to be physically reaping any of the benefits of said exercise. 

She began a study in which she split a group in half. Half continued as normal and for the other half she referred to their work as exercise while outlining how many calories each task burned.  After one month the group of women who had been educated about their work had a 10% drop blood pressure and experienced weight loss.

Studies like this have been conducted across the globe with similar results.  For example, we know from a study that lasted 20years that positive thinking extend peoples life up to 7 years.

And there are even more indications that how we perceive our life (good, bad) has a direct impact on blood pressure and other stress related illness.

So the next time you go on a quest for time as the answer to your problems and buying those products to make you look + feel younger ask yourself what story you are telling yourself right now.

What if you believed you have enough time?  What if you decided you were no longer in a rush?  What if you looked decided you felt young and didn’t focus on the aches and pains?

That sounds worth thinking about.

Keep thriving,