“You’re so emotional”

In truth, these are some trigger words for me where I took it to mean ‘you’re being dramatic’ was hurled across the room aimed at making me do just that.  But was that the right take away?  As I began to focus more on taking my ego and immediate reaction out of the picture I wondered what did they mean?

As a defense mechanism I then started to ask “would you rather me be non-emotional?”.  A way to reset the moment so I could take a breath and not react in a very emotional way.  But now, I tend to just ask the question – “what does that mean?”.

It’s a valid question.  What does it mean to be emotional?

In this modern world of getting it done, compartmentalizing and not needing anyone or anything – we continue to harbor a deep craving for connection – to be heard, to be understood, to be tender – all of which requires emotion.

Our emotional health is linked to more than a lack of depression and anxiety, but it is the embodiment of positive characteristics.  A sense of abundance, purpose, meaning – thriving.  Flexibility and adaptability.  Self confidence in resiliency.  All things we seem to strive to obtain.


the Power of Mindful Living

The practices of mindful living could be emotional and mental health defined.  Practices of how to maneuver life’s challenges and be adaptable while feeling purpose and abundance.

The practices include tools for you to quickly check in and see what is happening and how to respond.  They include ways for you to connect – back into others – to be emotional and vulnerable – but to live in your inner truth.

Does that scare you or sound weak?  Then you’re not ready yet.  But if it sounds like the thing you’re craving – keep reading!

Imagine a practice and way of life where your priorities are in place in your personal and professional life, and in all interactions – words, intentions and activities.


Tips to emotional health

I’m a big back to basics fan.  So while there are many different ways to embody emotional health, just a few are outlined below.   These tips provide major shift in your state of mind.  You’ll feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.  Studies link these basic activities to improved mental health, heart health and overall well-being.


Face to Face

Guess what?  We are tribal creatures.  This whole idea of being on your own is fairly recent.  Humans have lived in towns, villas, communities for a few millennia – why do we think we are better alone?  

  • So halt the typing and get some face-to-face time with someone you trust.
  • Schedule time so you have to make it a priority
  • Get an accountability partner you trust to make changes and chat.  This is something leaders do without fail – so why wouldn’t it be something we should ALL do?
  • Work with a professional mentor to help keep you on track.  It’s what I do!  Take your free introduction call and see what we can do together!  And whether you want to work with me or not, chose someone you trust. 


Get Moving

The body is built to move.  Our digestion depends on physical movement to help mobilize waste through the body.  Our heart depends on movement to stay healthy.  And our bones need weight to stay strong.  I know it’s hard with today’s job – but dropping that one-more-thing may give you exactly what you need to get moving.

  • Start small.  Short bursts.  Either 5 minutes of a brisk walk or take the stairs more often.
  • Take breaks every two hours.  Set your timers!  
  • Be sure to get time in on the weekend.  It can be walking in the park or neighborhood.  You don’t have to get workout clothes to get moving!
  • Get an app with 5 and 7min workouts.  Workout for Women is a great app with short burst workouts you can do at home or in the park!  iTunesGoogle Play


Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

No mystery here!  Nutrition is a MAJOR step in our state of mind.  The enteric nervous system, otherwise know as your gut, provides 95% of the body’s serotonin – and it is linked to having more influence of your well-being than anything.

  • Drop the processed foods.  Humans just started consuming processed food after World War II.  Is it any wonder auto-immune diseases are a new thing?  The body isn’t built for what we are consuming.
  • Drop the animal fat multiple times a day and week.  Another thing we didn’t start to consume en mass until post World War II.  And you guessed it…the body doesn’t need it.
  • Leafy Greens – YUM.  Make smoothies to get your servings in each day.  Raw is best!
  • Whole Grains where grains are consumed.
  • See the Mediterranean Diet for how to apply this to your life

Get Some Sleep

More and more research shows the importance of getting sleep.  This time of year I wake up a lot so more sleep doesn’t always mean more rested.  Take your free tips on how Get to Sleep.


As always, consult your doctor for what works best for you.  But only you will know what works best for YOUR state of mind.

Embrace changes to allow your emotions to be more in sync with where you want to be and embrace the emotion knowing it is the way to connect to yourself and to others and to your spirit. 

And next time someone says you’re being emotional – tell them it’s wonderful!

Keep thriving!

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